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1. Brodick Castle
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2. Brodie Castle
The Branch is indebted to Ken Chapelle FBHI for providing most of the horological information below. Ken is accredited by the Institute of Conservation and works extensively for the National Trust for Scotland.
1. Brodick Castle
7. Gosford House
9. Hill of Tarvit
5. Crathes Castle
6. Culzean Castle
8. Haddo House
11. House of Dun
3. Broughton House
4. Castle Fraser
(23 miles East of Inverness on A96 between Nairn and Forres). A 16th-century castle stuffed to the turrets with antique furniture, paintings and ceramics, the legacy of generations of Clan Brodie.
• French rosewood and ormolu-mounted Bracket Clock dated 1790.
• French Mantel Clock ormolu-mounted premiere-partie boulle, signed 'Brezagez a Paris'.
• Le Roy et Fils mid-19th cent. Lyre Clock / Candlesticks
• Cartel ormolu and glazed enamel quarter repeat timepiece signed Dey a Paris.
• Meissen/Lenoir porcelain and ormolu mounted clock, signed Lenoir A Paris.
• Louis XV musical Cartel Clock, quarter striking playing two tunes on 10 bells and 18 hammers.
• Directoire Mantel Clock ormolu-mounted signed Guydamour a Paris.
• Longcase Clock engraved “Robert Clidsdale, Edinburgh”.
• Mantel Clock balloon-shaped of mahogany and fruitwood-inlaid.
• Wag-at-the Wall pendulum wall clock
• Bracket Timepiece with 12 inch diameter dial.
• Ormoulu Cartel Clock with up-turned lyre amid clouds and thunderbolts. Movement by Solie a Geneve
• Mahogany-framed Wall timepiece.
• White marble Mantel clock. Movement stamped JAPY FRERE MED D’ONNER.
• George III Longcase Clock by Shoflen, Patt, Dublin.
• Mahogany Kitchen Clock “Manufd by The British United Clock Company, Birmingham.
(Kirkcudbright Town Centre, Dumfies & Galloway) 18th-century Georgian house the former home of Scottish painter E A Hornel, one of the Glasgow Boys. Painstakingly preserved and recreated.
• Longcase stained pine single train timepiece signed “Walker, Kirkcudbt”. 8.5 ins. round silvered dial.
• Good George III Bracket Clock by “James Cowan / Edinr”.
• German, Black Forest Wag at the Wall Clock.
• Late George III mahogany Longcase Clock with white painted dial inscribed “Thos. Howie, Ceres”.
• Mahogany Longcase Clock signed “Matthew Lyon of Lanark”.
• Victorian black slate Mantel Clock by Japy Freres.
• Georgian oak Longcase Clock with 12-inch square brass dial signed Lawson, Keighly.
(13 miles South of Ayr, on the Coast off the A719) Set on a dramatic clifftop setting with Robert Adam architecture, it has a fascinating history and beautiful surroundings, and is one of Scotland’s most popular visitor attractions.
• Longcase Scottish oak timepiece with glazed circular polished steel silvered brass dial.
• Ormoulu mantle clock with two figures either side of a central column.
• Longcase clock by Thomas Stones, London painted case.
• Japy Freres Arts and Craft Mantle Clock.
• Bracket clock, Le Grand, Versailles, in boulle case with chased ormolu mounts
• Late Victorian ship's wheel Timepiece / Barometer by Howell James & Co., Regent Street, London.
• Wrought iron frame Chamber clock. Verge escapement with pendulum.
• Oak Longcase Clock mahogany crossbanded, white enamelled dial signed “J Spurrier, Tewkesbury”.
• English oak cased, brass mounted Mantel Clock with caddy top
• German mass produced ‘Napoleon Hat’ Mantle Clock quarter chiming clock.
• French quarter chiming Bracket Clock.
(4 miles West of Montrose, Angus, on A935) A Georgian house overlooking Montrose Basin built in 1730 by William Adam. The house features superb plasterwork, walled garden and woodland walks.
• Early flatbed Turret Clock signed “Collin and Wagner, Paris”.
• Mahogany Act of Parliament Clock with ebonised dial with Arabic numerals.
• Mahogany Longcase Clock with swan neck pediment, painted dial signed “Fras Reid & Son, Glasgow”.
• Mahogany Longcase Clock with 13 inch diameter round dial by Bain & Co, Brechin.
• Primitive Longcase Clock, 10 ins. brass dial by “Andrew Duncan, Edzell”, with later oak case abt.1800.
• Scottish mahogany Longcase Clock, painted dial inscribed “Peter Arthur, Dundee 1813”.
• Ormolu-mounted Boulle Bracket Clock, with glazed dial signed “Waltrin, Joseph a Paris”.
• c.1770 Ormolu Cartel Clock with glazed enamel circular dial signed “Robinet a Paris”.
• Ormolu Cartel Clock of Louis XV style, glazed enamel dial signed “Raingo Fres a Paris”.
• Louis XV ormolu-mounted Bracket Clock with arched case and “Jacqs Cogniet, Paris” movement.
• Louis XVI style Ormolu Mantle Clock dial plate engine turned and silvered with painted green cartouches.
• Three train Austrian Bracket Clock in Mother of Pearl Case with engine turned dial.
• Black-japanned English Bracket Clock, with movement signed “Thos Eastland, London”.
• Miniature Boulle Timepiece with Gilt figure on top and Japy Freres movement.
• Gilt wood Mantel Clock with enamel dial signed “Rentzsch Watchmaker to the King, London”.
• Gilt brass Mantel Clock with premiere-partie scarlet tortoiseshell with timepiece movement.
• Mantel Clock in case of architectural design, with pierced pillars and domed top.
• Circular Kitchen Clock with white wood dial and giltwood surround.
• Wag at The Wall Clock with painted wooden Schild dial and Roman numerals.
• Skeleton time piece with silvered brass dial and alarm in wood base under glass dome.
• c.1813 unsigned Desk Clock with large French type pocket watch dial and 8 day movement.
• 1950’s Style 400 day or Anniversary Clock (timepiece only).
• Plastic Art Nouveau Mantle Timepiece imitation tortoiseshell case.
• Clockwork Fox Scarer by Millichamp and Sons.
(16 miles East of Aberdeen to the North of the A944) One of the grandest of the Scottish baronial tower houses. Begun in 1575, the castle contains an evocative Great Hall, fine furniture and many Fraser family portraits.
• Pre-1696 Turret Clock, previously the Tolbooth of Maybole clock, re-erected in the tower April 1895.
• George I Longcase Clock by George Graham, London. The movement of very high quality.
• English “Norwich Clock”, mahogany, silvered sheet brass engraved dial signed “Mattw. Worgan, Bristol”.
• French gilt metal Mantel Clock enamelled dial.
• Louis XVI style giltmetal Mantle clock.
• Elaborate Mantel Clock by Alexr. Crighton of Lund & Blockey. Goldsmiths’ Company First Prize 1877.
• Act of Parliament Clock with shield type dial, signed “Geo. Halifax, Doncaster”.
• Clock and barometer in copper ship’s wheels on a copper base. Clock inscribed “Chelsea, Ship’s Bell”.
• French skeletonised Lyre Clock on marble base under oval glass dome on wooden plinth.
• French Wall Clock mounted in a mock shield with Armour helmet and gloves.
• George III mahogany and oak Longcase Clock, with brass dial inscribed “Edouard Ranof, Jersey”.
• c.1930 French wooden Mantle Timepiece, with square brass dial and silvered chapter ring.
• Mid-Georgian mahogany Longcase Clock, 13 ins. arched brass dial. Qtr.Westminster chime on gongs.
• Early Victorian Scottish mahogany Longcase Clock, arched painted dial signed “A & W Marshall, Wishaw”.
• Large French style wooden Bracket Clock signed “Harvey & Co, Strand & Regent Street, London”.
• 8 day Longcase Clock with round drum head hood engraved “James Whitelaw, Edinburgh”.
• Scottish George III oak Longcase Clock, break-arched brass dial and disc engraved “Andrew Cowlie”.
• Overture Music Box by Ducommon Girod, with 24 airs.
(15 miles East of Edinburgh on A198 between Longniddry and Aberlady) An imposing neo-classical mansion in 5,000 acres is the seat of the Earls of Wemyss and March. One of the last great commissions of Robert Adam.
• Fine Longcase Clock by John Dalgleish, in good Edinburgh case.
• Two identical Longcase Clocks by "William Veitch, Haddington", and "Normand Macpherson, Edinburgh".
• Several other Longcase Clocks, including Black Forest dulcimer clock, with 30 hour movement.
• A Bracket Clock, signed Patterson London, with verge escapement and quarter repeat.
• Four musical clocks.
• A Cartel Clock with a German movement.
• Magnificent organ clock - maker unknown, but probably Dutch or Belgian. It has 12 barrels, stored in 2 large boxes, which provide different tunes.
• Month going regulator by "James Vigne, London", jewelled throughout, Harrison grid-iron pendulum.
• Other interesting clocks in the collection are: an unusual French calendar clock, longcase clock with multiple complications, and an early pocket watch by George Graham.
10. Hopetoun House
(1 mile West of South Queensferry, West Lothian) The 1st Earl of Hopetoun commissioned Sir William Bruce to build the original House in 1699. In 1721, William Adam remodel and enlarge the House.
• While the number of clocks is fairly small, several are of significant importance.
• Dutch musical clock with automaton dial c.1730, by Jan Henkels of Amsterdam.
• Longcase clock by Andrew Dickie of Edinburgh (1736-1765) with dead beat escapement and rare form of pendulum compensation - now disconnected.
• Longcase clock by Roger Parkinson, Cannongate (1745-61). A not very attractive marriage of movement and case, however the case is one of the earliest known Edinburgh examples.
• Mantel clock, by Frodsham, Paris, with multiplicity of complications, incl. perpetual calendar, automatic correction for leap years, equation of time indication, and two thermometers (spirit and mercury).
12. House of The Binns
(3 miles South of Cupar, Fife, on A916) The original 17th cent. Wemyss House remodelled in 1906 for wealthy jute manufacturer Frederick Sharp to showcase his outstanding collection of art accumulated by the family.
• Louis XIV ormolu-mounted Bracket Clock, brass and ormolu dial. Bell mounted in the caddy top.
• Giltmetal-mounted tortoiseshell Mantel Clock, with the head of a mythical beast and vase finials.
• George III mahogany Bracket Clock, 8 inch brass dial signed “Wm. Paterson. Combusnethen” (sic).
• Longcase 8 day Clock with English movement and Continental case.
• French Empire ormolu Mantel Clock, enamel dial with Roman and Arabic numerals and gilt hands.
• Brass Carriage Clock by Henri Jacot. Last hour repeat button and going train stop work.
• High quality Charles X Portico Mantle Clock, with glazed silver and ormolu dial signed “Lepaute a Paris”.
• Gilt brass repeater Carriage Clock with painted rectangular dial by E Maurice, Paris.
• Kitchen Wall Clock by Winterhalder and Hofmyer, Germany. Two off.
• Bracket Clock, dial and backplate signed “FRODSHAM, Charles, clock maker to the Queen.
• American Ansonia Wall Clock, with repainted white enamel dial enclosed by octagonal-shaped frame.
• George III mahogany Bracket Clock with white painted dial signed “Thomas Barclay, Montrose”.
2. Brodie Castle
5. Crathes Castle
4. Castle Fraser
3. Broughton House
6. Culzean Castle
7. Gosford House
12. House of The Binns
11. House of Dun
10. Hopetoun House
9. Hill of Tarvit
8. Haddo House
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4 miles East of Linlithgow, West Lothian, off A904. This 17th-century laird’s house near Linlithgow has been the home of the Dalyell family for 400 years. The present house, built in 1612 is the residence of former MP Tam Dalyell.
• Large gothic mahogany 8-day Longcase Clock movement connected to Black Forest Organ.
• 8 day mahogany Longcase Clock with round 13 in white dial signed “N Davidson, Duns”.
•19th cent. oak Longcase Clock with 13 ins. painted arched dial signed “Weatherburn(?), Grangemouth”.
• Mahogany Longcase Clock with arcaded brass dial engraved “George Munro, Edinburgh”.
• An attractive 8-day longcase by Thomas Hally
• Gilt Mantle Clock porcelain panels and five cherub figures signed Klaftenburger, London.
• Sevres / ormolu Mantle Clock part of a garniture, clock movement signed “Jn Leroy a Paris”.
• Boulle-work Bracket Clock in the Louis XV style case inlaid with stained horn and ivory.
• Quarter chiming Bracket Clock, three train fusee chiming on 6 bells; ebonised case with arched dial.
• Bracket Clock signed “George Munro, Edinburgh”.
• Slate Clock with viper and eagle on top and floral garlands on the sides. Japy Freres movement.
• Gilt wood Timepiece with Lion and Unicorn with crown on the top and Neptune underneath.
• Quarz time piece mounted on glass with Russian inscription. Made in Japan.
• Folding travelling clock with 8 day Swiss Made large watch movement.
• Three-train quarter-chime, hour strike clock by Thompson, London c. 1750 chiming on eight bells.
• There are also several interesting barometers, including a good example by Miller and Adie and a stick barometer by Champione.
(Brodick, Isle of Arran). Grand red sandstone Scottish baronial-style castle renowned for its impressive collections of period furniture, silverware, porcelain, paintings and sporting trophies.
• Early Victorian, mahogany frame Barometer & Clock (timepiece) signed Benzie, Cowes.
• English Longcase Clock by Isaac Fenton, London. 11 inch square brass dial.
• Massif French marble / bronze Mantle Clock by Susse Freres.
• Walnut and marquetry Longcase Clock signed “Joseph Martineau Senior, London”
• c.1710 Longcase Clock in walnut marquetry signed Joshua Allsope, East Smithfield.
• Ormolu Mantle Timepiece signed Phillips Brothers. 31 Cockspur St. Maker - Putti Meissen.
• German Boulle Bracket Clock signed Andreas Lehner, Munchen.
• Louis XV ormolu-mounted Bracket Clock signed Henri Padeval a Paris.
• Mahogany case Bracket Clock (much altered) with two train eight day fusee movement.
• William & Mary Longcase Clock, 12 inch square brass dial signed J. Buxton Diss.
• 1930’s Elliott London Wall Clock Dial signed Hamilton and Inches .
• Gilt Mantle Clock in Elephant case with gilt dial and enamel cartouches.
• Bracket Clock by Brysons Edinburgh.
• Double dialled/single movement circular Wall Clocks signed Findlay & Field Glasgow.
• French Lancet Mantle Clock by ‘Japy Freres’.
(16 miles East of Aberdeen on A93) Fairytale-like turrets, gargoyles of fantastic design and the ancient Horn of Leys given in 1323 by Robert the Bruce are just a few of the features of this historic castle.
• George III mahogany Longcase Clock, 12 ins. arched painted dial inscribed ‘R.Darling Edinburgh’.
• Wag at the Wall Black Forest Clock face with floral decoration and brass weights.
• Oak cased Wall Clock, with circular white painted dial with Roman numerals. HAC movement.
• Oak Longcase Clock with arched glazed door enclosing brass dial inscribed “Saml Russell Selkirk”.
• Georgian Mantle Clock with verge movement inscribed “Josephson, London, No. 13383”.
• Regency Prince of Wales Feathers Sedan Clock,earlier 30hr watch movement “Willm. Williams, London”.
• Oak Longcase Clock with brass dial silver chapter ring engraved “Sam l. Lomas, Poolton”.
• Cage framed two train tower clock, dead beat escapement, rack strikeby ‘James Berry, Aberdeen”.
Whilst we have strived to make the following list as accurate as possible, there is no guarantee that any one clock will be on view at any one time.
(20 miles North East of Aberdeen off B999) An elegant mansion house with stunning late Victorian interiors. Noted for its fine furniture and paintings.
• Giltmetal Louis XV style Mantel Clock stamped “Vincenti MEDAL Dargent, 1855”.
• Mantel Clock with cherub mounts and architectural style oak case. Backplate stamped “S Marti”.
• Ormolu-mounted marble Mantel Clock of Louis XVI style, signed “Raingo Freres a Paris”.
• Bronze mottled marble Mantel Clock signed "Graverand, Bould. des Capucines 1, a Paris".
• Marble and ormolu Mantel Clock with very complicated high quality French Lapaute movement.
• Mahogany Longcase Clock, with silvered one piece sheet brass dial signed “GORDON, Hugh, Aberdeen”.
• Oak Bracket Clock, dial and back plate signed THOMSON & PROFAZE, 25 New Bond St, LONDON”.
• Louis Philippe giltmetal white marble Mantel Clock, signed “BERTHOUD, F.R.D., Hor du Roi, Paris”.
• Giltmetal and porcelain-mounted Mantel Clock signed “Leroy & Fils, Paris”.
• Mahogany Longcase Clock with 14 inch white enamelled arch dial signed “KIRKWOOD, A, Paisley”.
• Mahogany and walnut-inlaid Mantel Clock with circular white enamel dial on brass bracket feet.
• French ceramic Mantle Clock surmounted by detachable section depicting a dog attacking a deer.
• Striking Wall Clock, with painted dial and Roman numerals.
• Two train Wall Clock with silvered brass dial signed “Viner, London” set in gesso glazed door.
• Barograph / barometer. Cylinder escapement. Retailed by “Hay and Lyle Opticians, Aberdeen”.
• Mahogany Act of Parliament Clock, gilt and ebonised face, Roman numerals and scrolled carved sides.
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